Furnished apartments
House rules

1. Rest and peace of the fellow-habitants is to be respected at all times. Neglecting this can lead to contract breach;

2. Papering and painting is only allowed after prior consult and explicit agreement of the lessor;

3. Pets are not allowed, unless explicit prior agreement of the lessor. In case of problems, the lessor can at any time withdraw the agreement;

4. The tenant cannot use this address as his/her official residence ;

5. The tenant is not allowed to execute another business at this address;

6. Order and tidiness are key: the tenant will use and live in the apartment as ‘a good housefather’ and will take good care of it. This also goes for use of the common parts of the building;

7. The tenant takes care of small repairs and light maintenance (like changing a lamp); in case of important damage (e.g. the washdisher is leaking…) the tenant is required to inform the lessor immediately. In case of neglicence, the costs for repair will be at the expense of the tenant;

8. Garbage: main garbage can be left in the containers in the garbage room (groundfloor, next to the entrance of the building); the tenant will put pmd, glass and paper outside at the collecting dates (cf Ivago calendar);

9. It is not allowed to put nails, screws.. into the walls, ceilings and floors without prior agreement of the tenant;

10. The tenant can enjoy the garden, be it limited. The following areas are accessible to the tenant: the lounge corner on the terrace and the area in front of the multifunctional meeting room (on condition it is not in use). The terrace, swimming pond, grass square next to it and the kitchen garden are for private use;

11. We are not responsible for damages caused (like fire of water damage) to personal belongings the tenant brings into the apartment (laptop, clothing…). Therefore, we advise to take a personal insurance;

12. The apartment is for personal use, this means only for the people the lessor has a contract with. Hosting other people is only possible upon prior consultation and explicit agreement of the lessor, and will incur an additional cost;

13. Smoking in the apartment is not allowed. We ask the tenant to use the following smoking areas:
• At the front door
• In the lounge corner (terrace);
• The area before the multifunctional room (back garden)

Thank you for leaving ashes and stubs in the ash trays.

14. As the apartment is part of a passive house, the ventilation takes care of a balanced incoming and outgoing air. In order not to disturb this ventilation system, it is recommended to keep the windows closed.